custom publishing

Burnet Media offers a variety of customised publishing services, such as:

  • Fully personalised book-albums: for example, wedding books that incorporate photographs (professional and amateur), images (invitations, menus etc) and copy (speeches, captions etc)
  • Private books: for example, biographies for family/friend distribution only
  • Customised magazines: including once-off or occasional publication
  • Class yearbooks: perfect for graduating classes (matric, university etc)

Testimonials from previous clients:

“Everyone was really happy and impressed with the yearbook. Thank you to the team at Burnet Media for all the hard work you put into it. It looks amazing and will be cherished into the future” – Tom Pedrick, yearbook editor, UCT MBA class of 2013 

“The books look stunning. Everyone in the class loves them. It really was a great success and something that I know the class really appreciates” – Brigitta Annegarn, UCT MBA, yearbook editor, UCT MBA class of 2012

“We love our wedding book. The fact that it’s not just a picture book but actually tells the full story is what makes it so special. I haven’t seen anything else like it” – Craig and Lucy, married in 2011