S.A. Politics Unspun

Stephen Grootes
South African non-fiction / Politics
October 2013


South African politics is a murky, convoluted, complicated, cut-throat world that not many people fully understand. 

• How does it all work? • What does Trevor Manuel actually do these days? • Is Julius Malema a real political force? • Will Cyril Ramaphosa be our next president? • How long will Jacob Zuma rule for? • Who really matters in our politics? • And what’s going to happen at the next elections?

Premier SA political analyst and commentator Stephen Grootes cuts through the incomprehensible political spin and media coverage out there to provide an accessible, attractive, easy-to-read road map to South African politics. 



Stephen Grootes is the host of the Midday Report on Talk Radio 702 and 567 Cape Talk, and the Senior Political Correspondent for Eyewitness News. He is also a senior contributor at the Daily Maverick. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of SA politics and is well-connected within media and political circles. 


"Always incisive and articulate, Grootes has become one of the most crucial voices in SA political analysis." – Zapiro

"Truly brilliant – funny and clever and well written and informative and interesting, and sensible and logical… what every South African of voting age should be reading, whether you're a dedicated follower of the politics roadshow or simply an interested bystander." – Sean Fraser

"Authoritative and stimulating. Grootes expertly offers the reader a succinct and powerful account of South African politics." – Redi Tlhabi

“Grootes has created a lively, readable guide to the major political figures, movements, institutions and issues that inhabit contemporary South Africa… a solid first-class pass." – J Brooks Spector, Daily Maverick

“If you’re the kind of person interested in politics but really can’t cope having to wade through the bull that the politicians spin, not sure who to believe or what the real facts are, then this is the book for you. Politics written in an accessible way – they said it couldn’t be done, and yet here it is.” – Francesca Bourke, AtoZblog

"A great read." – Helen Zille

"A wonderful read." – John Maytham

"Very entertaining… [A book] that everybody should read." – John Robbie

"I loved it… [Grootes is] amongst those few commentators and analysts who have the capacity, the interest and the drive to search for the facts and to write them in a way that all of us will enjoy reading." – Mac Maharaj

"I have a high regard for Grootes. Whenever I come across an article he has written, I read it with interest. He is insightful, informed and extremely smart. By the time I finished reading this very accessible book, I was convinced its subject matter should be known by all South African business people." – Ian Mann, Fin24 

"Absolutely fantastic. A succinct and wonderful book full of humour and imagination... Packed with lot of information and done very cleverly so people like me don't start panicking." – Jenny Crwys-Williams

"A punchy, easy-to-understand deciphering of the South African political landscape." – Aerodrome

"If you want to know how all the puzzling pieces – Agang and the EFF, Nkandla and the secrecy bill – fit together in the landscape for [the 2014 national elections], this is the only clear one-stop source to turn to." – Karin Schimke, Cape Times

"Other political guides have gone before it; but very few have tackled the subject with such Butch James-like vigour. Grootes grabs man and ball, sometimes bordering on yellow-card territory, but never red (unless he's discussing the unusually powerful role of the SA Communist Party in the tripartite alliance: 'What are we, North Korea?'). His enthusiasm for his topic is clear; his writing style is engaging… Infographics, statistics, potted sidebars, portraits, predictions and something called the Grootes Power Rating annotate the book. The latter is a device that measures the politician's real power against the moral authority he wields. A more accessible guide to SA politics you couldn't hope for." – Craig Tyson, GQ 





The smart, quick and painless guide to South African politics

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